Outdoor decks can bring an entirely new living space to your home. At Pristine Home Solutions, we’ve built custom outdoor decks throughout Massachusetts to provide homeowners with their vision of the perfect outdoor space.

Some homeowners want a screened in deck to serve as sunrooms where they can relax with a book or entertain friends. Others prefer a classic farmer’s deck that gives them the satisfaction of sitting out on their porch watching the world go by. Still others want to use their outdoor decks as a place to entertain or to relax in a spa and melt away the stress of the day. If you’re considering an outdoor deck, try one of these three creative styles for your home improvement project.

Screened In Outdoor Decks

Screened in outdoor decks can be so elaborate and comfortable that it’s like adding another room to your home. We can add ceilings with comfortable lighting and ceiling fans for a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Screened in outdoor decks allow you to enjoy the cool spring breezes, hear the chirping of the birds, and do so all without pesky insects. For raised outdoor decks, we even take the precaution of screening below the deck to ensure that mosquitoes and insects don’t enter the room from below.

Farmers Decks

There is a classic charm about old-fashioned farmer’s outdoor decks that is part of classic Americana. These long outdoor decks allow you sit back in your outdoor rocker with a beverage and watch the world go by. These outdoor decks provide the perfect environment for families to enjoy a relaxing summer’s evening on the patio swing, play board games, or talk late into the night.

Party Decks

Outdoor decks are an invitation to socialize. Outdoor decks can be customized for socialization with above ground and in deck spas, cabinetry to hold barbeque supplies, or masonry to create a fire pit. Adding a structure over the top of outdoor decks allows for installation of fans and lighting to keep the gathering lively even after sunset.

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