Custom Stair Railings
Louisville Sluggers used as railings for a sports enthusiasts basement renovation.

In the first part of this series, Creative Ideas for Basement Finishing Projects: Part One, we highlighted three exciting basement renovation ideas. Now we’ll take a look at three more creative basement renovations that can turn a bland, boring basement into a place of fun and recreation.

Home Theater

The basement is a perfect space to create an amazing home theater. Our basement renovations team can install brackets for speakers, install screens, and build in cabinetry to store your equipment, DVDs, and games. Our basement renovations crew can even build in a kitchen so that you can serve snacks and drinks to friends and guests.

Game Room

Our basement renovations specialists can turn a bland, boring, unfinished basement into a lively, exciting game room for entertaining. Bring in a pool table, some video games, darts, a foosball table, or any other games that you and your friends

We can build in a bar or a kitchen for entertaining and install lighting to set the mood. Then bring over friends for a night of music and friendly competition.

One of our clients, a sports enthusiast, requested that we work a sports theme into the couple’s basement renovations. Our basement renovations team added flair to the staircase by using Louisville Sluggers as railings while the homeowner added to the theme with sports memorabilia.

A Play Room for the Kids

Kids need lots of room to play, run, and make messes! In the cold Massachusetts winters and sweltering hot summers, kids can get rambunctious when stuck inside. Basement renovations give kids the freedom to run, jump, play, and be loud without disrupting the rest of the household.

Our basement renovations experts can build in shelving for books and toys to keep them organized, and additional closets for storage. Kids can do crafts, play games, put on puppet shows, and express their creativity when they have
the room and space to grow.

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