For many homeowners, the basement is a huge piece of unused real estate! So often, we hear homeowners say, “I wish I had more space!” when there are often hundreds of square feet just steps away, waiting to be turned into great living space. Most of our clients are surprised to find that a basement finishing project is well within their reach. Here are some great basement finishing ideas that our clients had that may improve your life as well!

Your Own Home Gym

Most of us say we want to go to the gym… but the thought of driving to the gym, showering in a strange shower, and paying exorbitant fees keeps us on the couch. With a basement finishing project to turn your entire basement or a part of your basement into a home gym, the equipment you need is just a few steps away. Our basement finishing experts can mount a television to watch while you’re on the treadmill, add bars for stretching, or install flooring for your different exercise needs.

A Home Office

If you run a home-based business, creating a quiet place where you can really get focused is critical to success. A basement finishing project can include putting up walls to turn a wide open, unfinished basement into private place of solitude where you concentrate on growing your business. Our basement finishing specialists can create customized built-ins such as bookshelves and cabinets for organizational and aesthetic enjoyment.

A Study Zone for Kids

Just like adults, kids need a designated place to study. A basement finishing project that creates a large comfortable area where they can focus on their studies, store books and supplies, and sprawl out to read can make a tremendous impact on a child’s ability to focus on homework. Added space gives kids a place to work on science fair projects, posters, and other school projects. Our basement finishing crew can build in desks, bookshelves and workspaces for increased usability.

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