This Carlisle, MA property was purchased by a young family while they still lived in California. Life was going to be difficult enough making the 3,000-mile move without having to repair and repaint the home upon their arrival. Furthermore, there was extensive rot, the board and batton garage was not their cup of tea - and a flock of bats lived in the attic! Pristine Home Solutions got all the ducks in a row: inspecting the property, communicating the findings and suggestions by e-mail and telephone, composing a quote, and having the materials ready so that work could begin literally the day the new owners closed on the property. The rot was replaced, the board and batton was replaced with cedar clap board, a goat pen dismantled and disposed of, windows were washed, and the exterior was fully primed and painted. The bats, of course, were made to feel most unwelcome.